Curated Experiences

An endeavour close to my heart, to start conversations and curate sessions and workshops on sustainable living, emotional wellness, sustainability and child safety awareness. To make a small change, in our lives, our society and hopefully the world around us. A look at the past work.

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Recently conducted – “Curated Experiences” —- Food for the Soul — an event to experience holistic lifestyle.

— Wholesome eating, learning about healthy alternatives to include in our diet to poetry reading and reflective writing. It was a unique afternoon where we focused on nutrition ( how and why to incorporate micro greens in our diet), rustling up a fresh Mediterranean salad, listening to some poetry and reflective writing that helps unwind and unblock though processes and realign your energies towards a positive way of life.

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Sante Spa Cuisine: Venue and food

Shivani Mohan: Food blogger and Event Curator

Uzma Hyder: Published Writer and Facilitator of Reflective writing and creative writing workshops

Sammy Sahni: Published author, poet,consultant and community builder

Womenfolk of Hyd: Community of 7400+ members.

Urban Agri Farms

Soul Spa


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