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The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” Rumi


Hey there, I am  Sammy Sahni and Social Dragonfly is my dream child that represents my spirit animal guide – ‘dragonfly’ and this platform was formed with the thought of working for the social good of the community. I am an author and certified Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner (presently pursuing Masters in Psychology) and I endeavour to combine narrative practices with expressive arts. I work with a social justice lens and my approach is client centered, trauma and intersectionality informed.

As an EXA therapy practitioner, I have undergone internship training of over 52+ supervised hours of client work with individual clients of different age groups and backgrounds. Also, under the aegis of Women and Child Welfare Department and the Education Department I have conducted workshops for UNICEF recognized NGO Rainbow Homes. As part of my training I collaborated with SMArt Bengaluru and Greenpeace India to facilitate wellness workshops for domestic workers.

Presently, I work with individual clients ( varied age groups and backgrounds) and facilitate group sessions for women an children themed on personal growth, emotional healing and social emotional well being.

I am also part of the Resource team for SMArt Bengaluru.

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  • I have over 20+ years experience in creating content. In the past, I have worked with popular digital platforms :
  • As City Editor, Hyderabad for Momspresso (that spearheaded my journey towards honing my writing skills as a blogger and create a community for parents and women entrepreneurs.)
  • As Head of social media, content creation and community building at KidEngage ( I took lead in handling the content as the Editor of the blog and social media head while building a strong community).
  • In 2018, I launched Social Dragonfly and have worked as a consultant with clients ranging from clinical psychologist, holistic nutritionist, mindfulness expert, educational institutes, finishing school, interior designer, fashion designer, luxury event organiser, life coach, clothing brand, jewellery brand, professional photographer and have coached many individuals and small business owners to carve out their digital presence.
  • A self confessed bookworm,  an artist and gypsy at heart – I love to tend to my plants, click pictures of the world around me, doodle and find flow in movement.
  • I have also co-founded a book club for avid readers – Books n conversations.
  • I am passionate about promoting new talent, arts, culture and upcoming  startups.
  • I strongly believe in the power of community building and head a Facebook and Watsapp group for women – Womenfolk of Hyd. The group was built as a platform to help women who are home business and small business owners to network and grow their businesses that now has a strength of over 8000+ members.
  • I am a self published author of a book of poetry focusing on my healing spiritual journey and personal growth – Iridescence
  • I curate events – workshops, talks and sessions related to parenting, personal growth, wellness and sustainable  lifestyle.
  • A vocal feminist, I completely believe in gender equality, inclusivity and social justice. I have also actively facilitated awareness workshops on ‘Safe and Unsafe Touch’ for children in various schools  and activity centers in Hyderabad as part of the team of NGO Sayfty.
  • Today, I hope to integrate my previous skills and create a therapeutic program using expressive arts for  corporate employee welfare, parenting support, schools and the social sector.
  • For consultation, reach out to me with your details below.

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