Exploring the spiritual way of being

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.” – Joseph Campbell

Spirituality is a sacred connection within our mind, body, and soul.

Spirituality is one way you can express your body’s language and heed to the call of your spirit. Most of us can affirm the presence of a deep connection between body and mind. Yoga is a classic example of an embodied practice as it emphasizes what’s in your mind and takes your body through a set of movements that inspire your brain to find a balance between rest and activity. There are other embodied, movement-based spiritual practices, like tai chi or qi gong. But embodiment can come whenever we practice a meaningful activity with mindful attention, from gardening to cooking to walking.

Striding into a meaningful life requires a modification in the way we show up for ourselves and others. Bringing the science of spirituality into practice takes intention and effort. The benefits are across-the-board. Most human beings are looking for meaning in their lives. Making connections in disconcerting times eases stress and depressive symptoms, and increases immune response.

Start small and build new habits to create a new practice

Do not rush to entirely implement a set of beliefs overnight. Becoming more spiritual can be as simple as staying silent for 5–10 minutes a day in a quiet, soothing environment. Increasing hope, kindness, self-compassion, gratitude, and awe, helps to begin a spiritual way of being. All it takes is deciding to switch perspective by practicing mindful attention to your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour to discover experiences in spirituality.

Small, everyday rituals can bring comfort and create better lifestyle habits

Set positive intentions while simultaneously discovering a deeper purpose. Create a practice that resonates with you and be as creative as you want along the way.  What all spiritual practices have in common is the invitation to connect to your heart center and be light. Surrendering subconscious angsts by cultivating love, and allowing our own courage to continue showing up each day for ourselves is extremely healing.

Spiritual practice doesn’t necessarily have to mean visiting a temple or performing a complex ritual

Walking in a purposeful and conscious way can also become a spiritual practice. It gives a chance to clear the mind and reflect. You can use mindful walking as an opportunity to take a break from your busy schedule and reconnect with yourself. Regular breaks throughout the day help improve health, wellness, and performance at work. That can mean a simple yoga stretch with deep breathing, sitting outside of the office in the sunshine for 5 minutes, or simply mentally reciting a prayer. Keeping a regular gratitude journal or simply reflecting on the good people or things going well in your life represents a simple daily spiritual practice that can help harness the many benefits of gratitude.

Ask questions and get curious about people who have cultivated this beautiful way of being in the world

While getting curious and beginning to ask more questions, slowing down how you speak and exploring strong personally held beliefs can open your mind to more possibilities. Seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself can result in increased positive emotions. Transcendent moments are filled with peace, awe, and contentment. Emotional and spiritual wellbeing overlay, like most facets of wellbeing.

Interlace an approach of integrity and service into every aspect of your business

Include compassion in how your business gives back to the world. The most impactful businesses are those with a genuine contribution that they make to humanity. People who are inspired by the work they’re doing are more spiritually connected to the work they’re doing. Foster opportunities for your employees to connect with the higher meaning of the work you do. Hold space for each employee to find the value in the work they do and the effect it has on the world.

Whether you are exploring your life purpose, consolidating your commitment to a recognized one, seeking your spiritual side may help improve your overall well-being. Spirituality is a very personal experience, and everyone’s spiritual path may be unique. Spiritual wellness is a part of balancing your life.

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An inclusive and holistic community to promote personal growth and holistic well-being. We offer personal and group sessions using Expressive and Creative arts modalities in a therapeutic way.

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