Building an ethical fashion brand with Dipti Mrinalini

Salutations! We bring to you the #Bosswoman for this week… Dipti Mrinalini is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, animal lover, dance enthusiast and believer of Jesus Christ. Raised on a rich dose of handlooms and handicrafts from every nook and corner of India by a family which strongly believes that everything made by hand deserves to be appreciated,Continue reading “Building an ethical fashion brand with Dipti Mrinalini”

Finding a creative path with Megan Jyotiprakash

Hello Again.. its that time of the week when we post about the featured #BossWoman. And it is the reticent, very creative and a fellow dragonfly who switched tracks from Film Production to crafting – Megan Jyothiprakash. After completing her education from Bangalore and Pune, she acquired a Masters Diploma in Film Production. Obsessed withContinue reading “Finding a creative path with Megan Jyotiprakash”

Womenfolk of Hyd turns 4!!

Recently Shubhashree Sangameswaran sent across a list of questions for me to answer about the group, Social Dragonfly and how I multitask 😉 Believe me, now I would like to thank all the Boss Women again for obliging me and answering all my questions and sending your replies on time 🙏💕 These questions also made me realise that theContinue reading “Womenfolk of Hyd turns 4!!”

Talking Sustainability with Prashansa Shahani

Hello, hello everyone. This week we are featuring a Serial Entrepreneur who is strongly passionate towards sustainability. She is a marketing and events professional turned Entrepreneur. Prashansa Shahani played a crucial role in building Isthara, one of the most unique co living spaces currently based in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi NCR and marketing and branding theContinue reading “Talking Sustainability with Prashansa Shahani”