Meeting the modern millennial Gulnar Virk

This week we are featuring this modern millennial – Gulnar Virk Krishna, who juggles entrepreneurship and mommy hood with equal ease. We connected around 2 years back, quite by chance, but since then I have seen her grow and make our beautiful city her home both on a professional and personal level. She is theContinue reading “Meeting the modern millennial Gulnar Virk”

Vibrant Conversations on multi tasking with Unnati Pingle

This week we are bringing to you a very vibrant and vivacious person – Unnati Pingle My first impression of her and her work has been of “bold, confident and gorgeous” designs and then I tasted her clementine cupcakes and lady , that’s when you had me! On a serious note, she’s not only aContinue reading “Vibrant Conversations on multi tasking with Unnati Pingle”

Healthy bake stories with Maau

Good news for all Dessert lovers like me! Now you can have some yummylicious dessert and eat it too without any guilt, whatsoever. How you ask? Recently, I was invited to this quaint place called “Maau Studio” owned by a very young and passionate girl Shikha. The retail outlet offers only the healthier and organicallyContinue reading “Healthy bake stories with Maau”

Living Consciously with Nisha Verma

This week we spoke to Nisha Verma who is known for her Real, Raw and Vulnerable approach to transformation. She is the Founder of Yours Consciously, a creative global platform for self-growth and personal development. She is a transformation coach, healer and an inspirational speaker who thrives on supporting women to nourish themselves mind, bodyContinue reading “Living Consciously with Nisha Verma”

Why don’t I feel safe anymore?

We are a nation of voyeurs… When an incident happens, we are busy posting online to sensationalize news with empty quotes and meaningless conversation. Even the most well meaning folks and organisations are more concerned about bringing the issue to the fore but nothing is done to share the pain of the victim or theContinue reading “Why don’t I feel safe anymore?”