But Mama, She Is Different!

The other day, the li’l Drama Queen comes home from school with her ‘pitara’ of stories which mind you, are endless. But I encourage her to share so that I know what happens with her in school when I am not around. She went onto describe how a girl in her class was not behavingContinue reading “But Mama, She Is Different!”

And she flew away with the gilded cage

It’s true. We women are living our whole lives as that beautiful creature which is so delicate that it needs to be caged! Caged in societal perceptions, rules that only she should follow and burdened under a mountain of expectations. On the surface, she lives in a beautiful house, wears the prettiest clothes, a seeminglyContinue reading “And she flew away with the gilded cage”

How I took charge of my life after a brain stroke at 36!

A brain stroke at 36!! Early morning of September, about two years back, I felt my left arm go numb and mouth started drooping, there were no words coming from my mouth. Before I became incoherent trying to understand what had actually happened to me, I was taken to the nearest ER by my family.Continue reading “How I took charge of my life after a brain stroke at 36!”

Painting on the wall

It was a breezy evening in February, Alankrita and Nimi sat on the terrace drinking tea and painting the wall. They wanted to fill this particular wall up with huge colourful bohemian flowers to brighten up their favourite place. They loved to hang out here, away from their mundane life and create a beautiful worldContinue reading “Painting on the wall”

Ice Cream – A short story

Summer heat always put her on the edge. A normal conversation would waver into an argument within seconds. But today was different, she was determined to keep her cool even though the temperature outside had risen to 42 degrees. She could hear a faint noise coming from the kitchen. Roses and milk was strewn allContinue reading “Ice Cream – A short story”