Shooting her way through life

She’s a dentist! No, she’s a photographer!!

Completely discrediting the saying, ‘ Jack of all trades, master of none’, is Namrata Rupani! She is an accomplished photographer who is also a Pediatric Dental Surgeon.

The Story of a Storyteller

A Storyteller, a singer, a dancer and a multi linguist.
She shows us the power of telling a story. An age old tradition, long forgotten in the dusty archives of history. But I can vouch,  that it still exists because of people like her. In fact weaving and creating a story is the ultimate strategy followed by all brands and individuals in the digital world today.

I have always been in awe of her and her work. So, it was a huge honour when I opened my inbox to read an email from Deepa Kiran

The Human Side – A Reflective series on following your Passion

By the time we hit our thirties, (man or woman) we are all busy with the responsibilities that life throws at us. Became a doctor, engineer or a CEO of a big company and in certain cases, leave all aspirations behind and don the hat of motherhood full time. Over the course of my lifeContinue reading “The Human Side – A Reflective series on following your Passion”